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FLO-GLO Ignition Process Systems

Electronic Igniter
Now anyone can enjoy the soft, soothing glow of a real open flame gas lantern without sacrificing the convenience of an electric light. The FLO-GLO system combines state-of-the-art microprocessor and igniter technology to offer the most reliable and safe method to light, monitor, relight and extinguish the flames featured in gas lanterns.

FLO-GLO Electronic Igniter Features

Universal Applications
This adaptable system can be attractively installed in any brand and style gas fixture.

The 120 volt power supply requires no transformer, thereby eliminating the primary cause of failure in other igniters.

Hot surface igniters are more reliable than spark type igniters. Many BBQ pit igniters are familiar examples of the unacceptable spark igniter failure rate.

This state-of-the-art system provides precise timing for ignition, flame monitoring, purging, re-ignition and extinguishing sequences. All components are agency tested and certified for safe use.

More Attractive
The igniter also serves as a flame sensor; resulting in a less cluttered fixture with a more attractive appearance.

Easy Maintenance
Modular construction makes this system more durable and easier to maintain or repair on site.

Bigger Flame, Less Fuel
The proprietary burner assembly produces a very large flame while consuming a minimal amount of fuel (1350 btu/hr), thereby increasing both cost effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

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